The Program

Plan for a Healthy Life

Carol Hopkins Wellness & Weight Control helps you choose a healthy lifestyle for sustained weight loss and for staying fit.  

Hi, I am Carol Hopkins. I am a nutrition consultant, providing nutritional plans that are tailored to your specific needs. I believe that every human body reacts and responds differently to dietary changes. 

Say no to skipping meals and insead plan for a healthy diet. 

Nutritional Balance

Carol Hopkins Wellness & Weight Control

I help you get the right nutrition. It is an undeniable fact that the key for weight loss and maintenance lies in maintaining a nutritional balance. I ensure that you get all the micro and macro nutrients necessary to stay healthy while making sure that you don’t gain extra pounds.

Food Combining

Carol Hopkins Wellness & Weight Control

Bring the right variety to your diet. The key to a balanced nutrition is to get the food combination right. I have seen from my professional experience that food combining helps in both weight loss and maintanence. I help you choose the perfect carbohydrate and protein sources.

Portion Control

Carol Hopkins Wellness & Weight Control

It is a proven fact that higher intake of proteins will help control weight gain. I will help you choose the right food to ensure a sustained release of nutrients, making sure that you don’t feel hungry between two meals.


Carol Hopkins Wellness & Weight Control

One of the essential aspects of sustained weight loss is to make sure that you maintain a high metabolic rate. The idea is to digest the food you eat quickly, for your body to utilize the benefits of the released nutrients. I will help you choose the right mix of food that will promote metabolism, facilitating quicker digestion.

Stabilize Blood Sugar

Carol Hopkins Wellness & Weight Control

I follow the science of nutritional planning, to ensure that your blood sugar levels are stable. They also help you fight diabetes.

Nutrition is the essence of weight loss.

My life has done a complete turnaround since I met Carol Hopkins. After my first session 7 ½ years ago, she asked me to keep a record of everything I ate and drank to a glass, so I did. I don’t know why I was so honest with Carol, but I was.  I would have six rum and cokes, pills, and cocaine, but I would write it. That’s when Carol confronted with my drug and alcohol problem.  I thought I had never had a problem.  She helped me find my way. Today I am clean and sober for 7 years.  Then we worked on my diet.  I still, after 7 ½ years, write down what I eat and drink every day. Oh, I forgot to say I am H.I.V positive for 11 years now, with no symptoms, and my bloodwork still looks good. I take a lot of vitamins and herbs and try to eat well and keep centered.  Carol has taught me so many things about nutrition, medications, and just dealing with life on life’s terms.  I also quit smoking a year ago.  I don’t know where my life would be without Carol. She is a lifeline for me. She has brought me out of denial about being H.I.V. positive and has taught me how to live a healthy happy life.  She is a big part of my support system.

Michael Lee

There’s no silver bullet for weight loss and maintenance.  It takes hard work, motivation, and a change in lifestyle.  That’s where Carol’s method works! She takes the journey with you, and is there every step of the way until you reach your desired goal, and then some. Carol helped me reach my goal of almost a 50-pund weight loss, and then guided me in maintenance and good nutrition. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it, and I’ll always recommend Carol for your journey to good health and wellbeing.

Marlene Reiss

Carol Hopkins has provided expert guidance and training in weight loss to me over the past 7 years.  After losing 40 pounds I felt and looked great as a result of carefully following her weight loss program.  Her professional skill and personal encouragement has been a blessing in my life that I will never forget.

Robert Griffith