About Carol

Carol Hopkins Wellness & Weight Control

Who is Carol Hopkins?

Initially I thought I needed glasses, so I went to get my eyes checked and get a prescription. But when I returned a week later, my vision issues switched eyes and my doctor sent me to a Neurologist who suspect a brain tumor or Multiple Sclerosis, talk about a terrifying few days waiting for test results!

By the time, the doctors figured out I had MS, I could barely walk or see. They prescribed steroids and I lived symptom free for a year and a half. But my symptoms came back with a vengeance and I decided to explore non-traditional forms of medicine to help me feel better.

I found a neurologist that combined traditional and non-traditional forms of medicine with practical food and nutrition methods that not only helped me lose 75 pounds and keep it off, but he helped me learn and appreciate a new relationship with food.

Thanks to his help, my life changed in more ways than just my MS symptoms going into remission. His guidance inspired me to start Carol Hopkins Wellness & Weight Control to help others be successful with weight loss, weight maintenance, disease prevention and their relationship with food.

For more than 20 years, I have used a tried and true program I developed that focuses on food combining, portion control, proper digestion, and stabilizing blood sugar to create a holistic approach to improving one's quality of life.

I do not believe in deprivation, life is too short not to splurge on occasion, but I do believe when you understand how to eat, you feel better physically and mentally.

Contact me for a consultation I would be honored to help you on your journey not just to lose weight but to find health.